Outdoor lighting

A well planed outdoor lighting design enhances your space and brings interesting details to life in a subtile and elegant way.

Designing a lighting plan

We develop a lighting plan specific for your outdoor space to ensure that the end result meets your needs.

We start by defining what your space needs by identifying:

  1. decorative effects, by highlighting features, trees, shrubs to create interesting focal points and shadows
  2. security effects, by illuminating paths and steps where to walk
  3. functional effects, by installing wall lights for general illumination around the house, dining and barbecue area

The type of lamp and its location is carefully selected to suit the requirements of the space and to blend with materials.

The result is a lighting plan of your space including a detailed list specifying the type of lamps to be installed, the amount and the exact location.

Lighting system and installation

Bengtsson Design works preferably with In-Lite LED outdoor lighting and can both source the products and install the lighting system.

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